Kalina's Dad (tevarin) wrote,
Kalina's Dad

Conversation with Kalina on Origins

 Lina, look.  That's the cat factory, where they make cats.  [Points to sign for Alban Cat company, makers of caterpillar tractors]

Daddy, cats don't come from a factory.

Oh yeah, well where do they come from?


Well.. God made the universe.. but I think kittens come from mommy cats.

Where do mommy cats come from?

Grandmommy cats.

Well, where do great, great, a thousand times great grandmommy cats come from?

That's a good question. [Pause to think] You know how babies are like their mommies and daddies, but not exactly like them...?

Yeah.  But that's just because you're peach and Mommy is brown.  

But even if the mommy and daddy are the same color, the kid is still a little different.  Like your cousin.  Her mommy and daddy are brown, but she doesn't look exactly like her mommy or daddy.

Yeah, ok.

So the first grandma cat didn't look exactly like cats today.  In fact, everything started with tiny little animals like specks.  And their kids were a little bigger, or a little smarter, or a little different.  And eventually we got all the different animals we have today.

But Daddy, where did the little speck animals come from?

I don't know.   People have ideas.   Some people think they just grew from dirt.  Some people think they came from another planet.  But then where did the other planet get them?  Some people think God made them.  

But who made God?

That's a very good question.  I don't know.  Nobody knows.  Maybe even God doesn't know.  Some people say God is eternal, that God was always there.  But really, they don't know either.  

Tags: biology, evolution, kalina, religion
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